At approximately 2:45am on Thursday January 18th, just ONE day before our next planned party, 2 drunk kids decided it'd be fun to rip the 7eleven sign off the front of our house. This is the sign Matt Arata was so nice to have made for us, and some bastard kids decided they had to have it. Let this be a warning to the rest of you fuckers out there, not one but 2 cruisers nailed these kids as they were loading it into their car. Talks of imprisonment were tossed around among the police, but decided on $75 tickets for theft to be given to both the driver and the passenger. The Urbana police love us (how else can you explain 6 unbusted parties last semester?). So don't fuck with our shit. Nuff said.

Here's pete with the 2 nice cops that showed up.

And here's pete kneeling with our trophy and that's their car in the background.

Here's the perpetrator himself posing for pictures with denny and pete, well, actually this guy is the driver, it's unclear excatly how much involvement he had in the actual theft. The passenger refused to pose for photographs and actually refused to talk to us or even look us in the eye for that matter.

And finally, here's the empty space left by this sensless act of thievery. Note the sad sad look on denny and pete's faces.